Why is your coaching, leadership development, healing, artist, or therapy practice not going to the next level..

Colleen Gallagher
2 min readMar 14, 2023

Look you cannot want to support the world in health, growth, and leadership development and therapy yet do the following things, expecting your business to grow

❌ Offer 1:1 sessions as your main business practice
❌ Require a FREE intro session to “make sure” it’s a good fit
❌ Have no website, social media, or branding presence
❌ Missing a vision or mission statement

Things that must be put in place to grow your income, impact, and practice for your focused Soul mission

✨ Group sessions
✨ Reoccurring Income through Memberships and minimum one-, three-, six- and twelve-month packages like gyms
✨ Knowing your system of transformation so others can learn from it and implement
✨ Feel confident in charging for your time without needing to prove your are worthy of you are the right fit — let people feel it through your branding
✨ Having one offer but at multiple price points
✨ Creating content with the intention that can be used months and years later
✨ Offering value all the time
✨ Who you are being outside of your practice is who you are inside your practice
✨ Always bringing people to a space — social media to connect with your practice
✨ Holding boundaries with clients around what is fair and not fair

And there are many other things.
But if you are a healer, coach, artist, or magical AF person who is here to offer healing and transformation in the world..
These things are stopping you from not only creating more income but a larger impact.
I review these more in my Change Your Relationship with Money Course.

I love you,



Colleen Gallagher

Colleen is an Intuitive, Creator, Childhood Cancer-Survivor, Podcast Host, Published Author of Books, Educator, Social Media Guide, and www.colleengallagher.co