What if making more money was as simple as loving yourself more?

Colleen Gallagher
3 min readMar 27, 2023

It’s easy to take care of everyone else but avoid taking care of yourself.
Because this means that you don’t have to face yourself.
Instead, you can stick your nose in everyone else’s business to find reasons to help them and point out where they aren’t good enough because, secretly, you are avoiding yourself.

I would go around and police the world.
I’d judge other people or ask why they are doing this.
Or how are they blah blah blah when they do this?
I remember even a mentor was criticizing a misspelling in a Facebook Live Title and was so confused about how they were still getting sales…
I would do everything
Yet we are simply mirrors in this reality of Consciousness.
Where what you see in another is really what you see within yourself.
And what we avoid looking at within usually manifests in external issues.

So, for example… money issues at the core come with self-love.
Believing you are worthy of your own love instead of always giving it to others, then feeling resentment no one loves you.
However, the irony is that others can only love you by watching how you treat yourself.
A huge part in learning to love yourself means you know that your time, talents, and what’s on your heart are deserving of excellent compensation.
It’s loving yourself enough to know you are worthy to receive based on everything you give into the world.

Yet self-love is an interesting journey.
Because it looks so different to everyone.
But self-love at the core starts within.
It starts with how you wake up and talk with yourself in the morning.
It starts with waking up and being grateful to God for whatever is on your heart and mind.
It starts with how you care for your body and nourishes your temple.
It starts with how you talk with those around you in loving or harmful ways.
It starts with how you communicate what you do with your career or your role as a mother, wife, father, or husband.
It starts…



Colleen Gallagher

Colleen is an Intuitive, Creator, Childhood Cancer-Survivor, Podcast Host, Published Author of Books, Educator, Social Media Guide, and www.colleengallagher.co