This one question Repulses Awakened Woman Away from Dating Men From the Get Go!

Colleen Gallagher
1 min readMar 21, 2023

Man Just Meets Me and Ask: Hey are you single?
I respond: Ummm how much money is in your bank account

He blankly stares with a confused look…

I respond: I’ll tell you about my emotional status when I want ON MY TERMS as you can share your financial terms on your terms

Men this ONE question is messing up the game for you with the Awakened Woman…
Don’t feel embarrassed or ashamed not one taught us the correct way to date, connect and find a healthy way for our love
And it’s my PASSION to support men in this because so many good guys, quality guys I’ve met have tried to date me or my friends and simply they didn’t know a few tricks where I would have been their teacher instead of their lover….
So I want to help you so that when you find the Awakened Woman the one similar to me in your life you freaking NAIL it instead of missing the opportunity!

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I love you,



Colleen Gallagher

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