So, I went on a date, with this guy I really liked, and here is how it all went wrong..

Colleen Gallagher
8 min readNov 19, 2022

So, I went on a date as one does…

And this guy was a man I’d seen about ten months earlier.
I liked him.
Enjoyed him.
Felt like he was a vibe.

And then, after the second date, he shared that he and his ex would try and work things out.
Of course after I already gave him my third book An Uncompromised Life.
So, he educated me on where he was in his journey of healing.
I said, excellent, thanks for being honest; I appreciate the memories.

Well, ten months go by.
And I’m out for a dinner date with my love a few weeks ago.
But I saw this product, and it was a product; this past guy talked about making.
And I was like, OH MY GOD! THIS IS PROBABLY his product!
I told my love this and then texted the guy.

He responded, and of course, it was his product!
So, as one thing leads to another, we end up going on two more dates.

But this time, the second date was a disaster.
The energy was just off.
We arrive at the place he made reservations at 8 pm on a Saturday; everywhere is busy in LA.
He knew the manager, so we were waiting for our table, and there may have been running 10–15 minutes behind because they had a specific table that was private, intimate waiting for us.
However, this man had a panic attack in the restaurant.

He kept saying, “this is crazy, vroom, vroom. This person is here. That person there. Everyone is flying everywhere. I knew I should have never let you say 8 pm on a Saturday.”
I mean, he just went ON AND ON AND ON…

I was just trying to be calm and manage because I didn’t know what else to do.
So, he was bothered we had to wait, and then he told them we were leaving.
Then we go across town to another place.
The whole time he is going ON AND ON AND ON.
About how busy this place was and how stressful it…



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