I’ve been around Paris Hilton & a Billionaire lately — how can this happen to you?

Colleen Gallagher
6 min readJan 6, 2023

You become the five people you hang around the most.
This includes who you listen to on the news, radio, and YouTube.
This includes you who consume content from.
This includes who you speak about out of your mouth.

There has always been a lot I do behind the scenes, people I connect with, and new information I am constantly taking in.
And I don’t talk about it as I don’t want to seem “too much.”

For example, I recently had a fascinating conversation with a man who is now in my network and owns a luxury yacht sailboat, and has sailed all over the world. We talked about his past career, savings, and how he made his money.

Another person, how she went from making $342 a month to their family banks being bought by Wells Fargo. And what that whole process looked like and how it happened for them.
Fascinating to learn about money, how to make it happen, saving, investing, and learning through the power of osmosis and listening to someone else’s experience.

I recently attended a private meeting with Pairs Hilton and her COO of 11:11 media. Again, on zoom, a small group of people. Wow, fascinating to learn from her, someone who has generated multiple million-dollar nights for 1 DJ show that takes a maximum of 90 minutes. She has generated over 1 billion in sales revenue from her fragrances. I was in a zoom of 8 people with her is incredible.

Well, for the last four months, I’ve been invited to training with a woman who is a Billionaire.
I mean personal training where we are on video together.
She is calling out people by name.
She is giving and sharing all her heart, in real-time, what she is dealing with at the level she is playing.
I text her, and she texts me back.

But what is beautiful is they each have success in their own way, there isn’t one that is right or one that is wrong. Their financial wealth is right for them.

And it feels like the level of growth, the way I think the past couple of months from…



Colleen Gallagher

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