How to stop the struggle of heartbreak

Colleen Gallagher
7 min readJan 5, 2023

So, on NYE, I had a fascinating Uber driver, as I usually do.

I need to start a series of conversations in Uber; it’s like a channeled ball of energy from God, but it always comes back to relationships and love.

And the emotional and energetic shifts in this driver INSTANTANEOUSLY were beautiful. The driver even messaged me after — HOLY BOY YOU WERE RIGHT, and thanks for listening to it shifted so much!

Because these conversations are so profound in my Uber drivers.

Now I want this for you!

Because this one was quite interesting because so many beautiful things were shared.
And I realized how many of us are walking around this world harboring shame and fear of judgment of how our love life and relationships have turned out.
Many of us feel shameful for staying in relationships longer than we should have as if we are the only ones doing this.
Many of us fear the judgment of what we dealt with as a standard of what we would tolerate in relationships.
Many of us suffer through sexless or unpleasurable sex for years in a relationship because we think it’s just how it is.
Many of us think it takes years of “self-healing” before we are ready to be with someone new. Our soulmate. Our forever person.

Here is what I want to share that is important.
Love and relationship management is a thread that influences every area of our lives.
Beginning with your relationship with yourself, your body, mind, and soul.

And what I want to share in this email which may be triggering, is that the relationship you feel shame with, you are afraid of judgment, you feel like all this healing is needed because of the horrible things that have happened is that ONLY YOU CAN SET YOURSELF FREE.
And it doesn’t require months, years, or decades to feel secure in that you are healed, so now you are worthy of a relationship.
No, you are WORTHY NOW of a fantastic relationship.

Because I know what it is like to sit there as this Uber driver to be spiraling in your mind where a…



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