Five Things Woman Do That Turn Off the Healthy Masculine

Colleen Gallagher
6 min readFeb 11, 2022

As many of you know, it’s no secret that I’m a hopeless romantic that has turned into a hopeful romantic.

However, from traveling to 42 countries, living in 5 countries, dating men from all different ages to backgrounds to cultures, I’ve learned a thing or two about what is consistent about turning off the healthy masculine man that I think it’s essential for us as a woman to recognize.

1) When we feel needy to the masculine, it comes off as ughhh this feels like an annoying habit or fly on the wall. This would be like us NEEDING a text message or demanding that the trash be taken out so that we are emotionally sane to be around. It would feel like when we are trying to control them, expecting them to be here — there — everywhere. And trust me, I know this one so well as someone who likes to be the creator of my reality, I’d love to have a box that someone just fits into, but that isn’t how relating works. Relating comes from the heart, and it cannot be controlled like many other areas of our lives! So become mindful of how much you are nagging, needing, and requesting within this as it screams a red flag of control in the long-term.

2) Being unable to communicate due to fear of being yelled at honestly, judged, maybe physically abused, AND some of us just lie to lie, which is not healthy or okay. However, the moment a lie is told, a little white lie or a big lie, it’s over. For example, when I was $100,000 in debt, I felt so much shame, LIKE SO MUCH. And I remember I called one very financially successful guy friend of mine, and he was listening to me and said, “Colleen, where your dreams are taking you, this is so small.” However, I was so afraid to tell men I was dating I had debt, and until I began to not lie about it, it was interesting the type of men I attracted almost immediately shifted. Even when my bank accounts were hacked, I went on a date, and I had a guy offer to give me cash, so I had access to some while my accounts were getting unlocked as they were frozen due to its severity! Like how sweet! I didn’t take the offer but I thought it was sweet.

3) To not show up on time or follow through on commitments we made with them because of womanly things. Time is essential to everyone, and when as women, we make a commitment on a specific time…

Colleen Gallagher

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