Are you struggling with sex being intimate?

Colleen Gallagher
5 min readNov 24, 2022

So, I’m so excited because we are getting ready for our Black Friday Weekend Sale.
And OH, it’s going to BLOW YOUR MIND!
We’ve never had this much potent magic in one offer!

However, I was on TikTok, and I heard something that was somewhat mind-boggling me.
A significant fashion influencer said, “they would rather take ayahuasca so they can be more connected to God than have sex.”
This deeply troubled me.
And for some reason, I feel very called to write about it privately with you as my email subscribers.

God/Source/Universe is this invisible force made of matter particles so small that when they stand alone; we cannot see them. They can be seen under an intensified microscope.
However, when these matter particles become connected together, they make up our human body [DNA], the materials we see around us, and the ecosystem that operates around us without us even thinking or doing anything about it; it’s beautiful. Because when we come together, we become connected to form something great in this physical world.

See these same particles that we cannot see, are part of what creates this magnetic force of the presence of God, that we can feel something greater exists within you and me.
We are a living, breathing, made-up force of The Highest Vibration and Source without needing to input anything into our body, do anything or become any different.
This force is already pulsating within us.

And the most beautiful part of God, is that there are pieces of God within all of us.
There is Light within all of us.
Even in the darkest deeds or people, there is an opportunity for Light to always be born.
And it’s so powerful when we come together, we collaborate, trust each other, build teams, and invest in mentorship and community. Because God becomes more present because we are unifying and magnifying the intensity of energy already existing within each of us.

This would be the same as combustion occurring when fueling energy inside an airplane or jet before it takes off.



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